martedì 24 luglio 2012

Blogger of the Week - Is fashion my passion?

This week we skip into the world of Miriam, blogger of  "Is fashion my passion?"

- "Is fashion my passion" is your blog. Is it a rethorical question you obviously answer "yes"?

Exactly! It's a rethorical question, but my answer is "Not only!" Yes, because not only fashion is my passion, but I also love nature, music and anything related with art and beauty. I am looking for perfection in shapes, sounds and all senses. And the style is the highest form of art and fashion. Because you can always be on trend, but not necessarily with style!

- What do you get inspiration from for your posts?
 What inspires every single woman in dressing one way or another before leaving home? Don't really know! Maybe the stars...or the hormones! I dress going along with my moods and my instinct.

- Which one of your post do you prefer?
Always the last.

- And what is your favourite comment you received on your blog?
I like comments where my readers and followers let me understand that there's something more than just pictures, dresses and shopping about the blog. I like when somebody really tries to know me more through my blog.

- What other fashion blogs would you suggest to our readers?
It's a very crouded world, with a lot of inspiring material. I prefer fashion blogs about street style.

- Your latest purchase and your favourite item:
My latest purchase is a pleated maxi skirt, while my favourite item is...bag! I feel like I never have enough bags..and I never have the right one for my outfit!

Which are your wardrobe essentials?
Jeans, blazer and jacket, high heels...and in winter a super-soft and warm fur!

martedì 17 luglio 2012

Blogger of the Week - Daddy's neatness

Let's meet Benedetta, blogger of Daddy's neatness

-Benedetta, tell us about you and your life
I don't really like to talk about my private life, I'm an entrepreneur.  My interests don't cover  fashion. The blog is a world apart, created to share passions with people who love photography and  people sensitive to details that for many others can appear vacuous and frivolous in everyday life.
- Why did you choose to call your blog "Daddy's neatness"?
Since it is a very curious name, it was one of the first things that I specified when I opened the blog. As difficult to understand, the name was chosen to celebrate the '"elegance of my father" which unfortunately died a few years ago. So, as a reminder to consult in the future, I created a blog that contains everything that my father taught me, all its passions, its vices, its rules, which made him to my eyes as a great style icon. Page by page, I'm building a modern world, which recalls scenes of the past through a collage of memories  and every time I do, the nostalgia seems to be increasingly distant. It's like seeing before me all the details I loved to watch and that introduced me from my childhood in the world of art, of style, of fashion and of beauty.
- Where do you take inspiration for your posts and for your outfits?
Certainly on my mood, from what the day can reserve me, from the style that tickles me in that moment. I always like to change and to use different colors and items. It's like to discover a new version of yourseld, everyday. Renewal means get yourself fully involved, don't give in to the habits and then don't getting bored.
- What is the post, on your blog, that like most?
Probably the one about homemade hats, named "Chapeau". In this post I photographed many of my father hats. The hat is a charming and full of class accessory, which attracts some of my blog key themes and its style, a bit British and dandy.
- And the most beautiful comment you received on your blog?
That from a visitor after a few months since the blog was born; she proved moved by my story and she told me that my father would be proud of me. For a moment I felt that he was watching me. It  was a really strong emotion.
- What's your current season favourite trend?
Definitely, the one about pastel colors, which soften the figure and make fine and delicate even a simple outfit. You can play with different colors because these are very delicate and never clash, polishing your appearance.
 -Your wardrobe essentials are…
Certainly can't miss in my wardrobe classic and evergreen pieces as shirts, particularly those with bow, blazer from bright fantasies and colors or pastel colors and a multitude of shoes, different by height and material.  Finally, can't miss contemporary quality accessories and bags or items purchased in the most curious vintage shops founded around the world. Spend less and buy something unique is rewarding for you and enriches your own style.

martedì 3 luglio 2012

Blogger of the Week - Borse che passione

Our blogger of the week is Giulia, from "Borse che passione"

Giulia, tell us about you and your relation with fashion
Degree in modern literature with a passion for fashion and communication at an early age; my
thesis was the first experimental work on communication in the fashion industry, in the Faculty of Modern
Literature at the University of Bari with the analysis of a case as the Apulian Meltin'Pot of Matino. I'm in
love with fashion, buying magazines every week; being very curious by nature is fundamental to my
daily work. I've been organizing events for almost 10 years and taking care of press offices in the public and institutional field: in short, I'm an institutional communicator, and reporter for passion.
"Borse che passione"(in english "Bag, what a passion") is the name of your blog... so for you bags come always first?
My blog combines two passions, journalism and bags, so it was born as a game on Christmas two years ago. Many of my friends asked me for advise choosing bags for their girlfriends.
Knowing the people involved I knew what to suggest but also where to buy, so I decided to create a blog
where everyone could benefit from my passion: so Borse che passione came to life! Now it's more than just a game, I have more than 30 000 followers and sometimes they ask me for advice...I'm suprised they like my blog so much!
Where do you take inspiration for your posts?
I do not follow a publication plan, I choose the topic depending on what I like.
I promote especially young  brands and follow the trends of the season, sometimes I even anticipate them!
For example, last summer I bought a pair of red sandals, because I liked them, but my friend, a fashion
addict too, told me my choise was worng ...Well, this year red is a must have (kind of fashion premonition!!)
What is the post, on your blog, that like most?
The one I published on December 21, 2011, when I decided to restart writing for Borse che passione. I had lost the motivation for a period, then my followers encouraged me to start back again and now I cannot live
without my blog...
And the most beautiful comment you received on your blog?
The one from a girl from Milan who wrote me in private asking me tips to become a fashion journalist. I smiled, because I'm not a fashion journalist but simply a blogger. Her comment was:  "I really enjoy your blog! Having a great passion for bags, since I found your blog, I
always read it! I find it fresh, concise and accurate! ^. ^ "
What more could I want?!
Your favorite bag and the one you have not purchased yet ...
I love Chanel, 2:55 is my favorite, that I would pair with a white shirt, jeans and 10cms heels. A bag says it all; being fashionable does not mean you have to follow the trends, it means instead that you can be yourself anywhere, everywhere. 
The bag I haven't bought yet...a Hermes Birkin or a Kelly, but I trust in a gift from my future husband, who knows...
Your favorite designer? And why?
I love Giorgio Armani. His brand, style and elegance are synonymous of simplicity... a bit 'as I am.